Code of Ethics
  • Chapter 1 Responsibilities to Customers

    We provide the best products and services with customer satisfaction as the top priority in all value judgments.

    • 1. Providing the highest quality products and services

      • Always provide the best quality and best service to customers.

      2. Smooth communication

      • We positively and positively accept customer suggestions and requests, and respond quickly and accurately.

      3. Customer protection

      • We protect the customer's property carefully, and disclose information related to the customer to the outside or for a purpose different from the original purpose. Do not use it, and do not damage the rights and interests of customers through immoral behavior.
  • Chapter 2 Compliance and Social Responsibility

    We faithfully comply with laws and regulations, and develop the company through sound corporate activities through fair competition.

    • 1. Compliance with laws

      • 기We sincerely comply with all domestic and foreign laws, rules, and self-government norms that the company must observe, and Do not take advantage

      2. Sound corporate activities

      • Respect the order of the market economy and do not act to hinder it.

      3. Social responsibility

      • Contributing to social development by faithfully fulfilling tax obligations and creating jobs, conducting business reasonably, and harming society. Do not do anything that hurts.

      4. Environmental protection and resource conservation

      • All projects are carried out in an environmentally friendly manner and take the lead in environmental protection and resource conservation through resource conservation.

      5. Safety management and accident prevention

      • We do our best to manage safety and prevent accidents, and ensure the safety of employees, customers and local residents in case of accidents. Take prompt action with the highest priority.
  • Chapter 3 Shared Prosperity with Partner Companies

    We strengthen ties with all our suppliers to form a mutual partnership, and coexist and co-prosper on the basis of trust and cooperation.

    • 1. Equal and fair trade

      • All suppliers have equal opportunities to participate and select objectively and reasonably according to fair standards.
      • All transactions are carried out in a mutually equal position.

      2. Common prosperity

      • We endeavor to prosper together through various support and cooperation for business partners' business activities.

      3. Prohibition of receipt of money or other entertainment

      • We do not accept gifts, gifts, or entertainment in any form, and no convenience is provided. However, with work Souvenirs that are uniformly provided in connection, money and other items that are recognized as a social norm are not applicable.
  • Chapter 4 Basic Ethics of Employees

    We perform our duties fairly based on Duksu Industrial Co., Ltd.

    • 1. Maintaining honor and dignity

      • Dress up properly and behave with dignity and courtesy. We respect each other and do not engage in disrespectful behavior and slander.

      2. Fair and autonomous business performance

      • We pursue the growth and development of the company through rational and smooth business cooperation that excludes egoism and supremacy.
      • All employees perform the duties assigned to each of them with their own judgment and actions.
      • The division of the construction work is strictly carried out, and ex officio abuse, falsehood, exaggeration, concealment, leakage, etc. are not allowed.

      3. Fair and harmonious organizational culture

      • Respect each other's privacy and freely express suggestions, suggestions, and difficulties.
      • We do not discriminate against any second class such as race, religion, procrastination, academic background, gender, or physical disability.
      • Do not instruct or request other employees for personal acquaintance, or abuse their authority.
      • We do not enforce activities for a specific religion or political party, and respect individual religious and political will.

      4. Pleasant and safe workplace environment

      • Organize, organize, and cleanse daily for a pleasant and safe work environment.

      5. Prohibition of mutual financial transactions, etc.

      • Do not give gifts to each other.

      6. Prohibition of sexual harassment in the workplace

      • Do not engage in any words or actions that constitute sexual harassment, such as hindering good manners or causing sexual shame.

      7. Responsibilities of employees

      • Do not use the company's property for personal purposes, and do not disclose company information acquired during work.
      • If you violate the Code of Ethics or observe other people's violations, report them immediately.
  • Chapter 5 Supplementary Provisions

    • 1. Applicable tar

      • This code of ethics is applied to all executives and employees of Duksu Industrial Co., Ltd.
      • The person in charge of the partner company can share the content and purpose of the code of ethics with the partner company and actively participate. To be.
      • The above code of ethics is publicly disclosed so that all stakeholders can read it.
      • All executives and employees must participate in the pledge to comply with ethical management and submit it to the company.

      2. Operation

      • We operate a bulletin board for ethics violations and reports to receive reports of violations of the code of ethics or corruption.
      • The bulletin board above guarantees anonymity and prohibits unfair treatment or disadvantages to the reporter.
      • When a report of a violation of the code of ethics of an executives and staff member of Duksu Industrial Co., Ltd. is received, the necessary investigation is conducted by checking the facts. Proceed with it, and when the investigation is completed, the result is notified to the reporter.

      3. Enforcement

      • The above code of ethics will be effective from September 1, 2020.
      • For matters not stipulated in the code of ethics above, the personnel regulations such as employment rules and collective agreements Follows.

We receive reports of unfair behavior by employees of Duksu Industrial Co., Ltd.

We will not disclose any information that divulges or suggests the identity of the informant without the consent of said informant.

Reports can be made anonymously, but please leave your contact information for an accurate and prompt investigation.

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